Various handcrafted containers

[img src= -- Blackwalnut -- 2 in x 2 in.jpg]1190Box Black Walnut
October 27,2006
2" x 2"
[img src= -- Poplar 3 in X 2.5 in.jpg]590Box Poplar
November 7, 2008
3" x 2.5"
[img src= -- Ring Keeper -- Maple -- 2 in X 3 in.jpg]560Ring Keeper Box Maple
Maple Box for storing rings either on the finial or in the box 6 in X 3.5 in
For sale
[img src= Box--Maple, Jatoba top, Holly finial -- 5 in X 6 in.jpg]500Finial Box Maple
Maple base with jatoba top and holly finial 6 in X 5 in
For Sale
[img src=]70Suspension Urn box
Spalted maple box !0 inch high 6 inch diameter suspended between Epa posts on acrylic rods on an acrylic base For Sale
[img src=]70Ostrich Egg Box (full Size)
Maple box actual size and shape of an ostrich egg, mounted on black locust base
[img src=]50Rain Drop Box
Rain drop box made from the bottom of a discarded Christmas tree 8 in X 3 in For Sale
[img src=]30Christian Box
Big leaf maple box with cross finial textured top and bottom 6 in X 3 in For Sale
[img src=]30Finial Box
Big leaf maple box 5 in X3 in For sale
[img src=]40Honey Pot Box
Big leaf maple box with lid from a discarded sugar bowl.6 in X 4 in For Sale