image002I was born in Port Arthur Ontario (now called Thunder Bay) in 1940. At a young age I was interested in making things from wood and metal. I took up a trade of electrical technologist at 18 which lead me to work for 7 years in Canada’s Arctic. In 1969 I married Mary-Dale Albright a young lady I met on a train traveling from Montreal to Edmonton. We had 4 children Duncan, Trevor, Kevin and Lindsay.

While in the arctic I became interested in teaching and in 1973 we moved to Vancouver British Columbia so I could pursue a teaching degree in technical education. While studying for my degree I worked as a teaching assistant and fell in love with wood and the things that can be done with it. During my University time I worked in the summer at Mosquito Creek Marine fabricating the interiors of “Vancouver 27” sail boats. From Sept 74 to May 79 I worked as a teaching assistant at UBC in the teacher training faculty in the wood, metal and power & auto departments. I graduated in the spring of 79 after completing my teaching degree and post graduate studies in adult education.

After graduating I went on to teaching high school in Vancouver specializing in woodwork and teaching learning challenged students. I worked at several schools in Vancouver both primary and secondary. At this time I developed a desire to learn as much has I could about wood turning.

Most of my early work is the result of reading books by such masters as Richard Raffan and Dale Nish. Crude as it was many of my pieces still adorn my home and those of my friends and relatives who were fortunate enough to receive a piece as a gift. In 2002 I retired from teaching and have been able to work more seriously at the craft of wood turning

In 2000 I joined Vancouver Wood turner’s guild to advance my skills as a woodimage004
turner. It was through the seminars and demonstration put on by the guild that the equality of my work took a quantum leap. Classes in design and tool control greatly improved my understanding of shape form and finish. The improvement in my skills has brought me to a point where I feel my work worthy of being sold.

As an active member of our guild I served on the executive and participate in the organization and execution of public events demonstrating the art of wood turning to the public. As a member of the wood turning guild I continue to work as an instructor and mentor for those taking up the craft for the first time. I supervise woodwork at the local senior center in Richmond BC.

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